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Wittwer Jewelry

Inspired by incredible landscape of Switzerland
Wittwer Jewelry is inspired by the incredible landscape scenery of Switzerland, the warm atmosphere and the cozy lifestyle which penetrates you from the first moment.

In each piece of our jewelry you will feel the spirit of Switzerland, it's ancient traditions and beauty of nature.

We want to arise your memories and offer you to have a small piece of Switzerland with you. All our Jewelry pieces reflect the impresion of Switzerland and gives you the possibility to share the same.

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Process of creating
Wittwer Jewelry is totally unique, because all of it was created through sophisticated production technology.
Our jewelry masterpieces are made by master possessing not only with deep knowledge of jewelry, but also with understanding mastery of porcelain craft.

Each product is complete manual labor at all stages of production.

All samples are created and processed with love and great attention to details, that's why two same jewelry pieces do not exist.
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Switzerland, Zürich

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